Service Details

Audio Mixing and Post Production

Certified ProTools mixers with extensive Remixing, ADR and Dubbing experience. We have mixed over 75 language dubs for one movie over the past 10 years. We are now working on multiple apps performing audio supervision and finalization / encoding of all audio files. All of these apps include Sound Effects, Narration and Music files and some also include multiple language dubs. Other Studios believe Strip Silence and Excessive plugins cure all. At DigiMAXX we use our ears and experience to provide the highest quality possible without relying on software or short cuts. With our beginnings in live music mixing, we are uniquely qualified to provide unsurpassed quality in multitrack recording and live music mixes for all types of entertainment shows. Give us a try and we will deliver that special mix.

Audio Consulting and Integration

With a unique merging of the left and right side of the brain, DigiMAXX provides creative, technical and fiscally beneficial solutions to systems designs and integration. Whether Audio or video solutions, DigiMAXX can deliver cost effective solutions to any of your broadcasts, webcast or studio needs. We have designed and integrated projects for networks and sports teams. As true engineers, we design based on what is the best solution for the client, not with what box we we have on the shelf or which manufacturer we want to promote. We design innovative, cost effective solutions based on engineering principals, quality and budget, Bring us your problem and we will find your solution.

Broadcast A1 / Senior Audio

We were pioneers in 5.1 Surround mixing on live television broadcasts. We have been mixing live events including at the Super Bowl and NFL Playoffs, World Series as well as the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals. Our clients include all 4 of the over the air networks as well as many of the cable and internet networks. We also specialize in mixing many entertainment events including concerts, awards shows and other specialty events. We have been consultants for many manufacturers and truck companies to demonstrate and assist other mixers on specific pieces of equipment. We are also communications experts and programmers for many major events. RTS programming and system integration are our specialties.